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杭州万豪行政公寓落成典礼圆满举行 将于杭州提升长住体验

   Marriott Executive Apartments Elevates Extended Stay Experiences in Hangzhou
杭州万豪行政公寓落成典礼圆满举行 将于杭州提升长住体验


  Hangzhou, China – 29 May 2018 – Marriott International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAR) is delighted to introduce its first branded apartment hotel in Hangzhou with the completion of Marriott Executive Apartments Hangzhou. Complete with 142 fully-serviced apartments ranging from studios to three-bedroom suites, it will be equipped with convenient, state-of-the-art facilities. As Hangzhou’s first Marriott Executive Apartments of Marriott International, it will be the ideal choice for both business and leisure travelers alike who are paying an extended visit to Zhejiang Province’s capital city.

  万豪国际旗下杭州万豪行政公寓今日(5月29日)宣布其落成典礼完成。杭州万豪行政公寓将提供142 间配套齐全的公寓房,从开放式公寓到三居室公寓,配备齐全的客房设施。作为万豪国际在杭州设立的第1家万豪行政公寓,杭州万豪行政公寓将为到访杭州的长住商务以及休闲旅客,提供理想的下榻之选。

杭州万豪行政公寓落成典礼圆满举行 将于杭州提升长住体验


    Marriott Executive Apartments as one of the brand of Marriott International, is a more residential experience than a traditional hotel, and a safer and more pampered experience than a private residence. With thoughtfully designed spaces and personalized services, Marriott Executive Apartments around the world are committed to providing an assuring, extended stay experience for discerning guests seeking comfort and sophistication while striving to stay productive when far away from home. Whether you are relocating or travelling for an extended period, Marriott Executive Apartments is where apartment style lives and fancy hotel services blend seamlessly and makes you feel like home.


杭州万豪行政公寓落成典礼圆满举行 将于杭州提升长住体验


杭州万豪行政公寓落成典礼圆满举行 将于杭州提升长住体验


     Hangzhou Marriott Executive Apartments invested by Zhejiang Jiangong Real Estate Development Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Jiangong Real Estate"), Jiangong Real Estate is the leader of the international complex real estate development and operation in Yangtze river delta, with several large complex projects. 20 years since the Establishment of Jiangong Real Estate, it achieved the development of dozens of high-quality projects, over 5 million square meters developed area. In the process of its development, Jiangong Real Estate keeping integrating international high-end resources, has formed "Occidentalize Standards", "Modulized Customization", "Globalized Supply", "Systematic Integration", "Coordinated Operation" of the Europe & US construction mode. Under the forging of the Jiangong Group and Marriott International, Hangzhou Marriott Executive Apartments is committed to build a new height of hangzhou long-stay experience standard.


杭州万豪行政公寓落成典礼圆满举行 将于杭州提升长住体验


    Strategically situated in the center of the Future Sci-Tech City and part of the European Financial City, the location will boast the greatest potential for growth and largest value for investment amongst all the tech innovation zones on the west side of Hangzhou. Marriott Executive Apartments Hangzhou is close to an array of notable companies and major industrial zones, including Alibaba’s headquarters, Zhejiang Overseas High-level Talents Innovation Park, Hangzhou Internet Dream Town and Hundsun Technological Park. In addition, the International Conference Center is just a short walk away, while it only takes 15 minutes to drive to Hangzhou Xixi Wetland Park, INtime Mall and Impression City Shopping Center.


杭州万豪行政公寓落成典礼圆满举行 将于杭州提升长住体验


     Designed by HBA, the hotel will boast spacious apartments ranging from 40-square-meter studios to 140-square-meter multiple-bedroom apartments, all of which offer the comforts of home within a premium residential setting. Residents can make use of meeting rooms, a mini-theater, health club facilities with a 24-hour fitness center, an indoor swimming pool with sauna and benefit from dedicated parking spaces. Light wood colors and ambient natural lighting set the overall mood of the apartments, while accents of crème marble bring a sense of elegance and opulence. Each of the well-equipped apartments offers a calm and soothing environment in which residents can make use of the fully equipped kitchen, free Wi-Fi, and satellite TV. With on-demand services such as housekeeping, grocery shopping and chauffeur-driven limousines, they can enjoy an attentive and personalized experience that embraces all the comforts and conveniences they need when spending prolonged periods of time away from home.

     公寓由著名的赫希贝德纳联合有限公司(HBA)设计团队设计, 房型从开放式公寓至三居室的精装修豪华公寓可供宾客选择,面积从40平方米到140平方米不等。公寓内饰以轻盈的浅木色为主色调,而乳白色大理石的运用则为整个室内区域增添了一份优雅和内敛的气质。充足的自然光更营造了温馨舒适的居住氛围。房间环境安静舒适,配备齐全的厨房用具、高速网络连接、卫星电视,还可根据宾客需求提供包括客房服务、日用品购买以及接车等服务。令旅居在外的长住宾客也能倍感细心周到、个性化的服务。与此同时,公寓还拥有多个会议室,一间迷你剧院,并配备24小健身房,以及带有桑拿房的室内恒温泳池及专用停车区域。

杭州万豪行政公寓落成典礼圆满举行 将于杭州提升长住体验


    For families, the hotel will offer a kid’s club and is within easy reach of the prestigious RDFZ King’s College School Hangzhou. There are many dining, shopping and entertainment hotspots nearby, but also various social areas that give residents and guests a space to get to know other international travelers.


杭州万豪行政公寓落成典礼圆满举行 将于杭州提升长住体验


     Hangzhou is home to the Liangzhu Culture, the dawn of Chinese Civilization. A highland for tea, silk and Chinese gardens, Hangzhou’s history can be traced back as far as 8,000 years. The stunning beauty of the nearby natural areas in combination with the region’s captivating culture and traditions has made Hangzhou a top tourist destination. Designed for extended stays, Marriott Executive Apartments Hangzhou will also be the perfect base for leisure travelers who wish to explore this ancient city laced with its contemporary allure.


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